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With Silna, providers can finally focus on patients, not paperwork. Silna empowers providers to effortlessly clear patients for care by handling all prior authorizations, benefits and eligibility checks.

Healthcare focused on Patients

Who is Silna for?

ABA (Autism)
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Other therapies: Behavioral Health, Psychiatry
Free your clinical team

Free your clinical team to focus on sessions

We help your practice operate more efficiently, and allow your clinicians to focus on what they like and do best — offering great care to patients, not filling forms and phone calls.

  • Expedite new patient intake

    Reduce the time it takes to process new patients from inquiry to booking their first session, enabling patients to receive the care they need much faster.

  • Improve clinician job satisfaction

    Enhance clinical staff retention by allowing them to focus on patient care, free from concerns about authorization timelines or patient eligibility.

  • Spend less time on hold

    Eliminate the need for your team to communicate directly with insurance providers, allowing them to grow your practice and onboard more patients.

Prevent delays and lapses in care

With Silna, you never worry about expiring authorizations or ineligible patients.

  • Complete benefit checks

    Receive full benefits checks, including reimbursement rates & prior authorization requirements, providing all the info to quote and serve new clients flawlessly.

  • Scheduled authorization reminders

    Get reminded of expiring authorizations and when reauthorizations must be submitted to avoid lapses in care.

  • Ensure continual patient eligibility

    Continuity in care is key to better patient outcomes. For the lifecycle of care, ensure patients are always eligible with recurring eligibility checks.

Prevent delays and lapses
prior authorizations

No worrying about prior authorizations

The top reason claims are denied are due to mistakes with prior authorizations. Silna gives you peace of mind that no claim is denied due to prior authorizations.

  • Zero no-auth denials

    Eliminate denied claims due to not having an authorization by knowing exactly when a prior authorization is required.

  • Remove retro authorizations

    Submit prior authorizations well ahead of schedule to avoid spending valuable time on retro authorizations and appealing denied claims.

  • Start to finish

    Silna handles prior authorizations from submission to completion and will actively contact insurers for updates until the prior auth is approved.

Read what our customers said

Saul Zion

CEO, Zion Physical Therapy

What a great find Silna was for us! Prior authorizations and insurance verifications were always the bane of my team's existence and we were struggling to get everything done on time for years and then we found Silna who helped us pretty much within weeks to get everything on track. Not only are we on time but patients aren't canceling appointments due to not having authorization. Also, my team has a few more hours per day that is open up to being able to do other work. I highly recommend Silna for your Pre Authorization needs as I'm sure it will increase your ROI.

Kenneth Burg

CEO, Behavior One Autism Solutions

The entire Silna team has been nothing short of amazing to work with since the beginning. They have always been timely in addressing any issues or concerns and have consistently provided the highest degree of professionalism and quality of service.

Karena Wu

Owner, ActiveCare Physical Therapy

Silna Health has helped my business become more streamlined and efficient. They are responsive, caring and take accountability seriously to make sure they provide the best and most accurate information so that my business can flourish! They are open to feedback and continual learning as they provide services to keep us in business.

Silna’s Solution

Benefit Checks

  • Silna conducts complete benefit checks for all new patients, covering vital details like out-of-network reimbursement rates, specific service code coverage, and prior authorization requirements

  • Silna performs recurring monthly or annual benefit checks based on provider needs, ensuring awareness of deductible status and current plan structures

Eligibility Checks

  • Silna conducts monthly recurring eligibility checks for all active patients whose insurance needs to be checked on a periodic basis

  • Silna surfaces any ineligible patients immediately to ensure providers are getting paid for the care they are delivering

Prior Authorizations

Prior Authorizations

  • Silna sends weekly reminder emails to each location on expiring authorizations, reminding clinical staff to update documentation far in advance of expiration

  • Silna tracks each insurance's unique requirements around prior authorizations, including necessary supporting documentation, submission timelines and how to submit authorizations

  • Silna submits authorizations well ahead of time, and follows up with insurers to ensure authorizations have been received and are approved in a timely manner

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How is Silna able to do this?

Silna uses a combination of cutting-edge technology to automate many parts of the prior authorization, benefits and eligibility check processes, and an experienced in-house team of authorization and insurance specialists for the most complex scenarios.

What is Silna’s coverage of insurers and states?

Silna operates across all 50 states in the US and works with every insurer - including all commercial plans, Medicare, Medicaid, MA Advantage, and Workers Compensation.

What if a patient’s prior authorization request gets denied?

Silna gracefully handles authorization denials—swiftly correcting and re-submitting if denial is due to administrative issues, and escalating to providers for medical necessity concerns that require peer-to-peer reviews or appeals.

How do I get started?

Silna offers a risk-free start. Silna schedules detailed onboarding calls to learn your existing systems, processes and teams, and we do free pilots with each new customer to prove our value.

Get back to your patients

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